Roll the Dice – Game Review of Between Two Cities

Overall Review: 4.0 (GREAT)   Between Two Cities Family Board Game by Stonemaier Games, Inc. Age: 8+ Recommended Players: 3-7  (with 1-2 variants)  Where can you buy it?:  We were searching online for small and indie game publishers and came across Stonemaier Games. One of the things that pulled us in was their dedication to producing […]

Ramblings: Indie Lens Pop-Up Series: The Providers

Looking for something FREE, FUN, and EDUCATIONAL to do tomorrow night in Downtown Concord, NH? Red River Theatres is showing a free viewing of another Indie Len’s Pop-Up Series called The Providers. All you have to do is go to their website, select the movie, grab your tickets, and be there for the start at 6pm. […]

Roll The Dice – Game Review of Switcheroo!

Overall Review: 3.6 (GREAT)   Switcheroo!: Will subjects switch faster than you think? Family Board Game by Endless Games, Inc. Age: 10+ Recommended Players: 2+ or teams 2+ ScoTori Friends and Family Game Night is a special time, allowing us to explore new and favorite games, either by ourselves or with our dear friends and family. […]

Tori’s Corner: Along the Spine – Peach Girl

Just finished Volume 1 of Peach Girl by Miwa Ueda and published by TokyoPop. I’ve been looking for this one for a long time and recently found it at an anime convention in the dealer room. Years ago I’d picked up Volume 7 for a penny at a library book sale and loved it. It […]

Tori’s Corner: Pop the Popcorn – CW’s “The Flash” – Season 5

Are you a fan of The Flash on CW? In the first Elseworlds episode we see some flaws and technically wrong information. In the scene after the Amazo android comes to life when Killer Frost and the Vibe show up, the android scans them to steal/duplicate their powers. In the scan it shows Caitlin Snow […]

Podcast – Ramblings: Thoughts on the Another Anime Convention 2018 (AAC2018)

It’s beginning to look a lot like winter… and feel it, too. That can mean only one thing: it’s time again for the Another Anime Convention (AAC)! Though they normally hold the convention in October in Manchester NH, this year the AAC2018 was held November 16-18 at the Double Tree Hotel in Nashua NH. ScoTori […]

Blog: Along The Spine – Review of Empire Uprising Issue #1 (Comic)

One of the things we like to do in our spare time at ScoTori is read comics. Last night we drew from a random pile of comics to read and review. Empire Uprising #1, by IDW Publishing, was the winner this time around. We both took turns reading and after a brief discussion we gave […]