Roll The Dice – Game Review of Switcheroo!

Overall Review: 3.6 (GREAT)


Switcheroo!: Will subjects switch faster than you think?

Family Board Game by Endless Games, Inc.

Age: 10+

Recommended Players: 2+ or teams 2+

ScoTori Friends and Family Game Night is a special time, allowing us to explore new and favorite games, either by ourselves or with our dear friends and family. Tonight, we pulled one out of the archives to explore, one we had picked from one of our southern friends, new in the box. The game we chose is called Switcheroo!: Will Subjects Switch Faster Than You Think?

According to the back of the box:

“Switcheroo! is the quick thinking category game that is fast, funny, and frantic! Players try to get rid of their cards first by responding to hilarious subjects. Play a card, slap the timer, and pass to the next player… But be careful, a Switcheroo can happen at any time–changing up the subject–just when you had a great response in mind.”

This is a family fun game for ages 10 and up. We would recommend if you mix kids and adults while playing, use caution: it can be easy to incorporate adult content and innuendo.

In 45 minutes with 3 players we were able to play a total 3 rounds. What makes this game so much fun is that there’s a high replay value due to a randomized deck and you can play as individuals or teams. The game itself recommends 2+ individuals or 2+ teams.

We gave the player interaction a higher score because you have to decide if you like a players answer and if you think someone is taking too long on their turn you can press a buzzer attempting to make them move along or freeze up. If the buzzer goes off, the player who was buzzed then has to draw an additional card. This can create new strategies, unlimited outcomes and many different emotions from humorous to tense.

One of the interesting things we noted while researching this game is that even though it was produced and released in 2014, it appears that the game isn’t as widely available as you would think. We were able to find copies of it on eBay for around $25 (prior to shipping) and on amazon for around $45-50.

Overall, it is a fun game that we will be sure to try out again and again during out ScoTori Friends and Family Game Night.


Individual Category Reviews for Tori / Scott / Guest

Visual Design/Appeal:  3 (GOOD) / 3 (GOOD) / 3 (GOOD)

Rule Playability/Complexity:  4 (GREAT) / 4 (GREAT) / 3 (GOOD)

Strategy/Luck:  3 (GOOD) / 3 (GOOD) / 3 (GOOD)

Replay Value:  4 (GREAT) / 4 (GREAT) / 4 (GREAT)

Fun Factor:  4 (GREAT) / 3 (GOOD) / 4 (GREAT)

Player Interaction:  4 (GREAT) / 4 (GREAT) / 4 (GREAT)

Tori’s Overall Review: 3.7 (Great)

Scott’s Overall Review: 3.5 (Great)

Guest’s Overall Review: 3.5 (Great)



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