Tori’s Corner: Along the Spine – Peach Girl

Just finished Volume 1 of Peach Girl by Miwa Ueda and published by TokyoPop. I’ve been looking for this one for a long time and recently found it at an anime convention in the dealer room. Years ago I’d picked up Volume 7 for a penny at a library book sale and loved it. It […]

Tori’s Corner: Pop the Popcorn – CW’s “The Flash” – Season 5

Are you a fan of The Flash on CW? In the first Elseworlds episode we see some flaws and technically wrong information. In the scene after the Amazo android comes to life when Killer Frost and the Vibe show up, the android scans them to steal/duplicate their powers. In the scan it shows Caitlin Snow […]

Tori’s Corner: Strumming the Strings – Metallica’s “Black” Album

Metallica The Black Album Released: August 12, 1991 Often times I can watch a movie, listen to a song or album or see a glimpse of something and can be instantly thrown down memory lane. Today we are going to do just that and travel back roughly 22 years to when I was about 11 […]