Tori’s Corner: Pop the Popcorn – CW’s “The Flash” – Season 5

Are you a fan of The Flash on CW?

In the first Elseworlds episode we see some flaws and technically wrong information.

In the scene after the Amazo android comes to life when Killer Frost and the Vibe show up, the android scans them to steal/duplicate their powers. In the scan it shows Caitlin Snow aka Killer Frost as being a Metahuman. She’s actually not a Metahuman at all.



As we’ve seen this season while following along with Caitlin’s journey to find her father we see Thomas Snow realized that Caitlin had inherited his gene for ALS and used experimental cryogenic therapy to save her, just as he’d done for himself. While the experimental trials seemed to have successfully cured Caitlin of the disease, they left her with a dormant cryokinetic-powered alternate personality, who we know as Killer Frost.

With that being said, Metahumans are individuals who acquired superhuman powers after surviving the explosion caused by a malfunction in The S.T.A.R. Labs Particle Accelerator. All Metahumans have been exposed to particles and Dark Matter that altered their genetic code or even atomic structure giving them them a variety of powers. The powers Metahumans were given depended on what energy or matter they were directly exposed to while The Particle Accelerator Explosion Energy Wave hit them which mixed together gave them their Metahuman Power. Even though Caitlin was there the night the Particle Accelerator exploded this did not cause her powers, therefore she should no longer be classified and considered a Metahuman.

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